Sexy Cosplay Con


Sexy Cosplay Con is new niche convention experience brought to you by Troublemakers Services It is an 18+ on-site annex that will take place after hours during Long Beach Comic Expo, in January 2020.

SEXY COSPLAY CON (where fandom takes an adult twist) is a celebration of sexy cosplay, art, comics, writing, burlesque, and pop culture that all walk the fine line and celebrate sexuality in media. It’s a fun, humorous, self-aware, and exciting venture where like-minded people can leave their inhibitions behind and have fun embracing their inner bawdy persona. You know, the one that wants every TV show couple  to end up together and then read naughty fan fiction about them if they don’t!

As long-time fans of pop culture in Southern California, a small and passionate group has formed and we’re excited to present Sexy Cosplay Con! There will be vendors with adult (age 18+) products, cosplayers, hysterical panels and programming on a small stage, a burlesque show, and a bar (age 21+).

This show is back in development and will reappear for Troublemakers’ 2021 or 2022 roster. Keep your eyes peeped!

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