Who Would Win Show

A friend of the Troublemakers network, the Who Would Win show started as a television show concept. James Gavsie ‘pitched’ the idea as a show that reflected what EVERY person throughout the world was already doing, namely debating Who Would Win in a fight between their favorite characters from the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books.

The television producers liked the idea but wanted to see a proof of concept that would provide concrete evidence that James’ idea would work.
So, doing what thousands of others had done James turned to the world of podcasting and created the Who Would Win Show as a representation of what his television concept would be. No one was more surprised than James when his proof of concept exploded in popularity.

Currently recording the show in Los Angeles with Co-Host Ray Stakenas the Who Would Win show has grown into a full-blown online community.

Visit Who Would Win Show’s website, or catch them on Facebook, their Facebook fan community, Instagram, and Twitter.